February 05, 2015

Nutritionists also criticized Gwyneth Paltrow's detox month

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The idea of chewing on a selection of garden weeds with a sprinkling of crushed seeds is enough to put most of us off our supper.
But for health-obsessed actress Gwyneth Paltrow, these are key ingredients in her January detox diet.
The Oscar-winner, 42, has released a bizarre seven-day meal plan through her lifestyle website Goop.
She promises that, when paired with colonic irrigation and trips to infra-red saunas, the diet will help devotees lose weight and remove heavy metals and pesticides from the body.
But this weekend, two of its areas of expertise - food and skin care - have been criticized in the press.
One national newspaper offered its multi-thousand pound skincare can be bought at a fraction of the price, while another said that its detoxification can leave users with pockets and perhaps unable to sleep from hunger.
Gwyneth has long admired her youthful skin - 42-year-old could easily pass for a woman ten years younger in any given day.
Not surprisingly, though, sipping from the fountain of youth is not cheap and last week, Daily Mail revealed beauty regime stars worth eyes watering 14,000-a month.
But a new report has suggested that it is possible to roll back the years as Gwyneth, only 150 every four weeks.
According to the Sunday Times, luxurious skin treatment Gwyneth can be bought for much less than the high street stores.
With complex procedures to weekly facials, let alone hairdresser and make-up services for personal appearances, Miss Paltrow mode is not cheap.
Mother-of-two is said to enjoy Reiki massage to reduce stress on a monthly basis, which usually costs 185 for 90 minutes, resulting in annual spend as much as 2220.
But Pilates argue that such benefits.
In just 80 pounds a month in many cities across the UK, pilates teachers claim that their occupation of help not only to stress relief, but the alignment, strength, flexibility, tone and endurance.
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Oscar actress also said to be a fan of intravenous vitamin Hive Be a healing center in Los Angeles.
Cost up to 289 per session, according to Miss Paltrow has at least one month and could easily pass as far as 3,500 a year.
The Sunday Times says that many of the same benefits could pack of vitamin supplements, which costs about 5 a month from any local supermarket.
The star of Iron Man, whose net worth is estimated at 40 million pounds, also believes deal twice a year in Thermage laser treatment on her face, brow and neck, thought to cost nearly 17 000 pounds.
In between these sessions, Miss Paltrow - who split from Coldplay Chris Martin last year - the leaders in Tracy Martin for facials while she is in New York, where she did not think that anything to pay almost 1500 pounds a year for microdermabrasion , electronic stimulation of muscles and oxygen- fog treatment.
It also considers enjoy apple stem cells person - about 300 pounds session or 12 000 a year for Sonya Dakar in Los Angeles.
But according to the award-winning beauty blogger Mikhila Makdeyd, budget cosmetics can be just as effective as more expensive goods.
She told the newspaper that mud PACS Montagne Jeunesse, which can be bought from the main street chemist Boots for 1 a bag, causing the skin to glow in the same way many expensive cosmetic procedures.
The newspaper also took aim at a hair salon treatments and finishes, which is estimated to cost around Miss Paltrow 6,000 a year.
Before she invested in the chain dry bars this year, she was also paying for weekly blown Dris, who were thought she was worth almost 100 each - or about 5,000 pounds per year.
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They noted that it is easy to find a salon that makes a cut and blow-dry for 45 session and they should only be topped up every six weeks at the most.
In fact, a set of highlights, followed by a cut and blow dry can be found for as little as 29 is using a voucher website like Groupon.
Gwyneth's expensive beauty regime isn't the only part of her maintenance routine coming under fire though.
Her January detox, which has recently been published on her lifestyle blog Goop, has now been criticised by nutritionists.
The detailed seven-day plan, which is designed to rid the body of Christmas toxins, recommends beetroot and coriander juice for breakfast, red lentil soup for lunch and chicken salad for dinner on day one, with a snack of rice cakes and almond butter.
Day three suggests smoothie for breakfast, soup and half a baked sweet potato for lunch and Seared Halibut with Lentils, Kale, and Salsa Verde for dinner, with more rice cakes for a snack.
But the Sunday Telegraph reports that the diet could leave people too hungry to sleep and also out of pocket if they try to buy the rare ingredients involved in some of the recipes.
Dr Carina Norris, a registered nutritionist, told the paper: 'If you are not used to this kind of eating you would find yourself hungry at times you wouldn't expect and it could be very hard to sustain and end up falling off the wagon altogether and eating a whole packet of biscuits or reaching for a tub of ice cream.
'The whole detox idea is not necessary because if your liver and kidneys are in good working order, they are your detox organs.'

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