November 22, 2014

In the new film screening at the AFI Festival Homesman Hilary Swank little short frilly skirt ensemble

She is known for her chic, classic dress sense.
But Hilary Swank took a fashion risk on Tuesday with an usual ensemble.
The 40-year-old showed off her tiny waist and toned legs in a black-and-white evening dresse at a screening of her new film The Homesman at the AFI Festival in Hollywood, California.
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Fashion Risk: Hilary Swank showed off her tiny waist and toned legs in an unusual ensemble at a screening of her new movie The Homesman at AFI Festival in Hollywood, California
Outfit consisted of a white crop top and short skirt that featured a collar on the back.
Black material covered her midriff while black sequins peeked out from under her skirt.
She added simple black strappy heels and a small clutch.
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The two-time Oscar winner had her hair braided on the sides, and sported smokey eyes and nude lips.
The star, who plays Mary Bee Cuddy period piece, recently sat down with Manhattan Magazine to discuss her latest film.
In her real life, she admits to drawing inspiration from the roles that she picks, which have included everything from a woman living as a man, a karate hero, a boxer and now a woman living on earth who is not afraid to challenge male dominance in her new movie.
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The Karate Kid actress said: "I'm attracted to women who defy stereotypes - women who reminds us how diverse we are."
In his new blockbuster, the actress stars opposite Tommy Lee Jones, who also directed and co-wrote the story.
The pair find themselves stuck together in the old West frontier transporting three insane young women from Nebraska to Iowa.
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The image(long purple bridesmaid dresses)

'[Working with Tommy] was extraordinary. I had such a great time that I didn’t want it to be over.
'He’s a true artisan and visionary. To be directed by someone like that, who has such a strong opinion, is wonderful because you’re in sure hands.'
She went on to discuss the deep connection she has to her character.

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